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HKPDA's open letter   HKPDA�����}�H

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Oct 2013 Medical Specialties Summit 2013 on 26 Oct 2013

Poster  Application form

May 2013

23th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Agenda, nomination form, Newsletter

Dec 2012 Letter to Dr. Leung PY for manpower and promotion statistics reply from HAHO
Nov 2012 ����e�|�Կ�H�ݨ� �Կ�H���^��
Nov 2012 Letter to Dr. Leung PY about Medical Care for HA Health Care Providers reply from HAHO
Sep 2012 Letter to Dr. Leung PY about limited registration reply from HAHO after 3 months...
Sep 2012 new electronic version of membership application We have already received > 500 replies.
Aug 2012 HKPDA newsletter
Aug 2012 Letter to Dr. Leung PY about 5-year post fellowship Associate Consultant (AC) promotion exercise reply from HAHO after 4 months ...
Aug 2012 �s�H��  �sapps N/A
Jul 2012 �A����M����ާ���理�u���ز�v��? ��Ƿ|�Կ�H���^��
Jun 2012 ���ַQ�ݹL�����? N/A (press release)

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